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Prison Island

The island is a popular day-trip destination from Stone Town. About 20 minutes from the city by traditional Dhow sailing boat, the island offers excellent snorkelling, a beautiful and quiet white sandy beach, giant turtle sanctuary and coral rag forest.
Chumbe Island
Chumbe Island is an idyllic tropical island that is situated about 6 km west of the larger island of Zanzibar and about 30 km off the coast of Tanzania in East Africa. A short boat ride takes you to this small, magical island. Explore the island’s stunning coral reef sancutary and coral rag forest, rest assured in our exclusive eco-bungalows, savor traditional Zanzibari cuisine while supporting our conservation and education efforts.
Mnemba Island
Mnemba Island is a single small island located about 3 km off the northeast coast of Unguja, the largest island of the Zanzibar Archipelago, Tanzania, opposite Muyuni Beach. It is roughly triangular in shape, about 500 metres in diameter and about 1.5 kilometres in circumference.
 Best for walking with your partner clear sands beach clean water, Amazing sand bank in the middle of the ocean!  absolutely love it!!!  just highly recommended put sunblock, because no shadow there! Visit Zanzibar for amazing destinations ever.